Sacred Heart Cathedral

Sacred Heart


Sacred Heart Cathedral is located at Yide Lu of the city centre of Guangzhou. It is not only the grandest and the most special church in the Guangzhou Catholic district, it is even the largest twin-tower Gothic architecture that is ever present in China. This church is often called  the Stone House, Shishi Sacred Heart Cathedral of Jesus Christ, or Shishi Cathedral as well, since every wall and pillar of the church are built with granite and stone, which is also exactly what the word shishi means in mandarin. Indeed, even when we compare Sacred Heart Cathedral to the other 3 stone catholic architectures that exist in the world, it is definitely the biggest in Southeast Asia, with beauty that is comparable to the Notre Dame of Paris. The Cathedral is surrounded by trees all year round, with also bunches of blossoming flowers, giving this old peaceful church a fresh look of colorful youthfulness.