The Sculpture of Five Rams

The Sculpture

of Five Rams

If one asks what symbolizes Guangzhou, the answer has to be the Sculpture of Five Rams. It is not merely a symbol of the province, but also a representation of the anticipation of blessings and best wishes to the people in Guangzhou. 

According to legend, there was a time in the Zhou dynasty when famine hit the land, and people lived in plight and hardship.  One day, 5 fairies in colored coats came along in 5 flying rams, carrying with them cereals and rice, feeding the starved and hungry in Guangzhou, and granting the people harvest and best wishes.

The fairies left, but the rams stayed as a fossilized stone. From then on, Guangzhou has been an affluent prosperous place. Thus, Guangzhou is also called Yangcheng in memory of this, of which the Chinese character of “Yang” tells the story of the rams that bring good fortune.